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Canon Selphy CP1200-HP Pro 250 glossy

Angaben zum System

Canon Selphy CP1200

HP Pro 250 glossy


Kleinformat 288

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Kommentar des Kunden

“Before using services, I have tried out the cheaper alternative – generic profile tailored for Canon Selphy CP1200 model. Needless to say, it was a waste of money, because this is the same lotery as expecting your printer to give accurate colors out-of-the-box. Here you get a different approach: you print the color sample and send the physical print to drucker-kalibrieren by post. They scan the prints and create the profile that is tailored to your particular printer, and not just the printer model. The whole process takes some time, but is definitely worth the time and money spent. I use their profile ICC-Profil Kleinformat and I’m more than satisfied with the results. To check it I took a photo of Spydercheckr 24 card and printed it using the new profile. Results speak for themselves: the colors on the photo are almost non-distinguishable from the original physical card. My quest for reasonably accurate colors from my printer is now over. I can only wholeheartedly recommend this service!”


Vergleichsbilder – Vorher Nachher Scan*

*Es handelt sich hier um Scans der vom Kunden ausgedruckten Bilder. Gescannt wurde mit einem profilierten, farbechten Scanner.

Der Ausdruck ohne ICC-Profil hat einen starken Rotstich!
Mit dem ICC-Profil bekommt der Ausdruck die gewünschte Sättigung und der Farbstich wurde korrigiert!